Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Target Exclusive Transformers 2-Disc Transforming Set

Today's the day Transformers is released on DVD. I never slept last night, so I went out to Target at 8AM to pick up a copy of the movie in their exclusive transforming 2-disc set. Basically, it's a giant hunk of plastic that looks like a collapsed Optimus Prime, with a simple clamshell on the back for the dvds. The head, arms, and legs fold out to become a giant, 15-inch Optimus Prime. There's no real articulation, but it's a dvd case, not a toy, so it's not a problem. Overall, I think it's a nice display piece, and it's definitely a better exclusive than a hat, keychain, or poster as some other stores were offering. Also included is a smaller reprint of the target exclusive prequel comic.

Check out the image gallery for a detailed look at the transformable DVD case

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